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Anonymous asked: Ugh, all this crap about Mike Brown and Furgeson is giving me an anuerism. SJW's love to bitch about how "no one cares about black people" and shit, but as soon as ONE black person dies, a whole town starts protesting for over a week non-stop with all the vigor of a raging Hellfire. And primarily only because he was black. Guaranteed, if Mike had been a pasty white kid, hardly anyone would notice, much less make it a national tragedy. Their attitude would be "It's just one dead white boy".













Yes it’s because their innocent but it’s also because Darren Wilson won’t even get a slap on the wrist. All the white people on your list received swift justice and their murderers are all paying a price. But not the ones killing black kids ESPECIALLY not the cops. That’s the point, that’s why people are pissed.


You didn’t even fucking read the mother fucking links. They don’t say shit about a cop being punished, most of the officers in question were never even identified. And none of those people who were killed punched the fucking cop, strong armed robbed a store, and tried to take a gun from the cop. You didn’t even fucking wait to see what the mother fucking court decided to do or wait for the facts to be presented before you got your race war boner. So the next time you decide to jump the gun and decide what happened for yourself before even learning the information pertaining to the case, 


Lol, had some reaction gif you couldn’t wait to use? When you actually READ up on the incident we’ll talk. But you haven’t even done that. You just throwing your opinion around on some shit you haven’t even educated yourself on. You also did not read the links PROVIDED BY THE PAGE THAT LEAD TO THE MAIN ARTICLE DUMBASS. I REALY couldn’t give a fuck about your contempt for “Social Justice Worriors”. That means nothing to me. The fact of the matter is you, the anon nigga, and every motherfucker who agree with you are WRONG. But this is America and your are entitled to your WRONG opinion even if it’s just for the sake of having a different opinion.

Oh I promise you I’ve read up more on it than you have. Just gonna copy paste my previous post since there are like 30 of you an hour I see now.





Heres just some of the innocent people killed by cops that didn’t get national attention.

These are all unjustified killings BTW. Know there was an old white lady in there who looked to be about 80.

Which there are many more, considering the cops killed about 5,000 people the past ten years.

So here’s to selectively giving a fuck America. 


That’s a positive I.D. That was him in that store robbing a man half his size by strong arming him.

1- For a pack of cigars, not rolling papers. They run about the cost of a cheap pack of cigs. Obviously petty but people will do stupid shit for less.

2- Yes

3- Clearly it was. 

4/5 - There is no way that shown above isn’t a strong arm robbery. 

6,7,8,9- That’s a separate dispatch tape obviously. Cops don’t share them.

.10- Any number of reasons. He could have been close enough to witness it. He could have shown up while Brown was still around and heard the owner of the store point him out. 

11, 12, 13, - 4 days of rioting and looting will take up a lot of police resources. The investigation was basically put on hold until it was resolved. 

14, 15- That could easily have been him calling for them to stop walking away, or to approach him, or to just get the fuck out of the road because they were in traffic. Cops don’t generally walk up and ask you if you stole shit even if that’s what you were suspected of. 

16- Wrong. As shown above. I hate to go against the families wishes but when people are spreading false information that needs to be rectified. 

17- When someone walking away you don’t have time to call shit it, you try to get the suspect to engage you to prevent them from leaving for questioning. 

The only question here is if the struggle between Brown and the cop toke place or not. The officer in question had a swollen face from where he had been hit. 

So it also appears obvious there was at least some kind of struggle. Whether or not the gun was reached for is questionable. Seeing as how this toke place in the car it would be almost impossible for bystanders to see what toke place. But at the very least there was a struggle, I think given Brown’s willingness to strong arm a man for a pack of cigars and willingness to resist the officer, there was a good chance he tried to take it. The cop should have stopped shooting after he was no longer a threat. But Brown shouldn’t have robbed a man, and shouldn’t have resisted arrest. 

Brown didn’t rob anyone and the the policemen did not know about the robbery.

That doesn’t prove he didn’t rob anyone, it just proves the cop stopped the guy because he was blocking traffic. It was never a matter of the robbery justifying the shooting, that was just a display of character. Brown was violent/aggressive/threatening. And it doesn’t claim he wasn’t aware of the robbery at some point, just that it wasn’t the reason the officer contacted him first. The person in the store could have told the cops he was just robbed by Brown, or he could have heard on the radio the description of the perp and realized it matched the guy he was just speaking to. 

The links mention race is a factor, not the only factor. And you’ve yet to explain why all those people were killed with no judicial punishment to the cops that killed them but there were no riots, no media coverage, nobody got up in arms over that shit. 

"Hi, I haven’t actually read anything surrounding the subject, the only info I’ve got is from Fox News and the police force that has notoriously lied about the whole situation but here’s my opinion anyway. "

I’d advise you you just quit now so I won’t have to embarrass you on the internet should I actually engage you. Because you know your wrong, I know your wrong. Save face and fade to black.

Lol are you kidding? This shit is fucking hilarious. I’ve got video and photo evidence. And the best you got is “its probably from fox news.” 

I’ve never watched fox news in my life kid. Not even a republican. Let alone a conservative. And It’ll be a cold fucking day in hell before I let some idiot who gets all their information off tumblr tell me I’m uniformed. 

Here kid, 


Keep on diggin that hole. 

Listen to yourself for a minute. “I have photographic evidence” of what exactly? Let’s play with the idea that this young man did in fact steal the cigars. And? It’s was stated that he, Darren Wilson, was NOT aware that the boy was a suspect in the robbery so any point you have about a robbery is moot. So exactly what point does your “Photographic evidence” serve to prove? “He was an aggressive nigger and needed to be put down” is essentially what your trying to say. Even if there was a struggle, literally ALL the eyewitnesses said that he surrendered, on his knees with his arms in the air. So your reality is that your WRONG. It doesn’t matter how much you condescend to me, call me a kid, none of that bullshit matters. Your still wrong

P.S. You use quotation marks for direct quotes. I didn’t say “probably got it from Fox News”. What I said was a conclusive statement. I KNOW you got it from fox need because I’ve also read the article

It serves to prove he was violent and aggressive. The cop had a swollen face and busted jaw from the struggle. 

Police confirm injuries cop suffered during confrontation with Michael Brown. Lends further credibility to his side of the story versus the multiple versions of other supposed witnesses

And considering one of the only two witnesses was Browns partner in crime in the robbery, and the other didn’t see what happened inside the vehicle, only outside of it. There isn’t much credibility or even relevance to those claims considering the struggle toke place inside the car. 

Star witness Dorin Brown CONFIRMS it was him and Brown in robbery footage, putting to rest conspiracies of police making a fake video

So what we have here is a 300lb man robbing stores, punching a cop, and attempting to steal his weapon, then surrendering when he failed. No sympathy from me. 

And they’re pictures you fucking moron, they’re all over the mother fucking internet. Seriously, you’ve gone about 12 steps past pathetic now kid. But hell, you gotta be getting close to China now, might as well keep on digging. 

You cited a source that led to a tumblr post. This tumblr post led to a non-credible news website.
See: hypocrisy
Your entire argument falls apart right there but keep let’s keep going. You do realize that by all witness accounts Darren Wilson REACHED from the window, so any argument, or rhetoric at this point, about the witnesses not seeing inside the car is again moot like most of the dribble you’ve wrote because you don’t need to see inside a car to see someone reaching out of a window. Your attempt to paint him as this big, militant, menace to society of a Nigger isn’t just flawed it’s weak. You pride yourself on this wonderful, magnificent, omnipotent debating prowess but your not even that smart. I legit know toddlers that can argue you under a table. I think you should leave the arguing to much smarter racist.

Newsweek=non credible, ok kid. Sit the fuck down. And all eye witness reports? You mean the one, of only two (ignoring the two police reports since you seem to be doing that anyway), because they both conflict with each other. And one was the report of the mans partner in fucking crime, so reliable. 

 I legit know toddlers that can argue you under a table”

You should probably hand the computer over to them at this point. 

This will be my last reply because honestly, your the absolute dumbest person I’ve ever ran across. The non- credibly source was the one claiming that one of the 4 witnesses (who’s video are ALL. On YouTube) claimed that he did in fact rob the convenience store. Again, your literally the most vapid, blissfully ignorant person ever.

LOl, the fucking photograph of the man who admittedly robbed the store with Brown backed up by video surveillance is the non credible source? 

Awww.. don’t go, your attempt of mocking video and photo graphic evidence, police reports and accounts, and news articles in favor of the testimony of a guy who just robbed a store with the person in question without providing any sources of your own was just starting to come together. 

JESUS FUCKIN CHRIST - I fucking knew it. Everyone’s batting around like he was some fucking angel god-send who was on his knees praying to god on his way home from church after donating his kidney and life-savings to the homeless… Robs a man in a store with a partner, and the partner is the only eye-witness, lmfao. Fuckin right on. Almost makes me want to go loot and riot my home town. Durkin the God - strikin again. 

"Next Week on: Detective Durkin - Can he solve who killed JFK? Stay tuned" 

Props to Logicd as well.